RAPOLITICS has had its attention on Gaza since one of our board members worked in Gaza in 2010 where he assisted with the work around Gaza’s first hip hop center. Unfortunately, the youth organization where the center was located was closed down by Hamas a few weeks before the opening of the center. It continues to be closed. However, RAPOLITICS celebrated the raptivists of Gaza with a Respect to Gaza workshop event in Denmark back in 2010 and worked hard to include rappers from Gaza in RAPOLITICS’ Bokra project in Jordan in 2011/2012. But it was not possible to fly them to Jordan due to the Jordanian  authorities.

Project Info

But we didn’t give up! We managed to secure funding from the Danish Arts Council to invite two rappers from Gaza to Denmark in 2013! The two rappers are Ayman Mghames from Palestinian Rapperz and Khaled Harara from Black Unit. They were in Denmark from February 21st to end April 2013 and participated in both the Tomorrow Today project and in a separate activity program we have elaborated with a series of partners, including Salaam Film & Dialogue, Global High School, IKK Festival etc. They participated in more then 40 activities during their stay in Denmark.


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Project Title: Raptivists from Gaza
Number of youth: 3.000+ youth in Denmark
Donor/partner: Danish Arts Council
Time Frame: March + April 2013
Responsible: Lucas Nielsen (lucas@rapolitics.org)