RAPOLITICS has teamet up with the Danish Center for Culture and Development and Images Youth for a number of years. Last year, we invited raptivists from South-Sudan to Denmark and in 2015, we will once again be working together for a project on the issues of censorship and freedom of expression with the help of Syrian raptivists. We have previously worked with Refugees of Rap and are thrilled to continue our cooperation by inviting them back to Denmark this year.

Project Info

Syrian rap group Refugees of Rap visited Denmark in order to co-facilitate a series of rap workshops in schools and institutions all around the country together with Danish RAPOLITICS-coaches! The purpose of the project was to address issues of censorship and freedom of expression through rap music and an emphasis on the situation of Syrian artists and musicians. The workshops was conducted in September/October 2015, but the preparation was already undergoing with a visit from Refugees of Rap back in January.


Track: with RoR, Yukka Shahin and Rune Rim
Photos: from their visit Sept/Oct 2015 (on Facebook)
Event: Hip Hop for Peace (Facebook)
Article: and TV about Refugees of Rap (Danish)
Article: about the whole project (Danish)
Article: in GAFFA about Hip Hop for Peace (Danish)

Project Title: RAPOLITICS Right to Rap
In cooperation with: Danish Center for Culture and Development
Time Frame: January – October 2015
Responsible: Pelle (pelle@rapolitics.org) and Emil (emil@rapolitics.org)