We have previously worked in Bolivia with the rap group Wayna Rap and the hip hop organization KAI. The first time was in 2009 with activities in both Denmark and Bolivia, whereas the second time evolved around a much bigger project sponsored by Roskilde Festival where we ended up reaching more than 4,000 marginalized adolescents and youths. Bolivia is one of our priority countries so we were happy to be able to travel back to El Alto in October 2015 and develop our partnership with KAI.

Project Info

Our cooperation with KAI is called Hip Hop Uta. “Uta” means “Home” in Aymara, which is one of the local indigenous languages in Bolivia. The vision for Hip Hop Uta is to create a hip hop centre in El Alto for disadvantaged adolescents and youths. The centre will be managed by KAI and will provide income-generating activities as well as free hip hop workshops in e.g. breakdance, rap, graffiti and street art.

Project Title: Hip Hop Uta
In Cooperation With: Civil Society in Development (CISU)

Time Frame: April 2016 – June 2018
Responsible: Peter Tindborg (peter@rapolitics.org)