In the recent couple of years, we have shown great interest in the Egyptian revolution and it’s impact on the creative landscape amongst the country’s youth. RAPOLITICS projects such as Revolutionary Rap from Egypt and BOOST have provided Egyptian rappers with the opportunity to share their creativity, thoughts and ambitions with the Danish public. The projects have served as a platform for artistic expression as well as exchanging and sharing values, opinions and attitudes through rap workshops, concerts and dialogue events. While working on the BOOST project, we met the young 23 year old female rapper and songwriter Yukka from Alexandria. This young rapper, political activist and law student, seeks to put focus on the Egyptian womens harsh and sometimes cruel reality during the revolution. In several ways, Yukka stands out as a role model for many women in Egypt, and this project aims to share her story.

Project Info

With Yukka as the primary figure and artistic source, the project aims to inform youth in Denmark about the many forms of political violence and repression of women that is taking place in Egypt right now. In the wake of the revolution and the “Arab Spring”, the Egyptian women are being placed in an extremely vulnerable situation where they are exposed to systematic attacks including violence, rape, degrading treatment and discrimination. The activities associated with the project involves 5 exhibitions and a gallery opening in Copenhagen showing a series of photographs portraying Yukkas everyday life as well as Egyptian women’s feelings and reflections towards their fight against discrimination. Also, Yukka will record a hip-hop track with a Danish female artist. Lastly, Yukka and her female guest star will perform their rap-collab track at a concert in late November.


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Article: Yukka Raps for Egyptian Women (in Danish)
Pictures: of Yukka (on Facebook)

Project Title: Yukka – Female Rap from Egypt
Number of youths: 100+ youths in Denmark
Donor/partner: CISU
Time frame: August – November 2013
Responsible: Kiki H. Hansen (kiki@rapolitics.org), Katinka Bach, Anna Nielsen